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Have Fun. Relax. And Enjoy Yourself.

Goreywatersports.co.uk is your #1  booking service for incredible adventures around the Channel islands biggest island of Jersey.

Our activities and partnered activity' are designed to wake up your senses with various water activities and give you a serene encounter with nature’s sights to treasure. We promise you, by the time you get back on shore, you’ll feel reinvigorated and calm, but full of exciting memories of the island and its natural beauty. 

Our activities are made with one purpose in mind, serving as your special way to take a break and ‘reload’ by experiencing a one-of-a-kind destination.

We are on an ultimate mission to make your beach day so amazing, that you won’t stop talking about it. Our high-end customer service is spiced up with a great level of attention to details. Once the trip is over, we guarantee you’ll be so excited to share the highlights with your friends, family members, and co-workers.

We Will Take Care of You.

We believe that the smallest details make the most memorable experiences.

You’ll want to re-tell the amazing stories that made you fall in love with the sea.

 You’ll want to share how great it was for you to have a moment for yourself while your children were running around, geared up for a banana boat ride while you are sat back on our sun loungers taking in the piece. 

How safe you felt while watching dolphins with us.

You Are In Great Company

We are experts in helping you explore and charter Jersey and the Channel Islands.

 Our team is always one step ahead, making sure your journey is filled with wonderful emotions. 

We are positive, heartwarming people and for us, this journey is all about turning simple moments into great memories.