CV19 Update

Covid 19 precautions at the Gorey Watersports Centre:


STAFF: Staff will be trained to operate in a manner which maintains a distance of 1 metre between themselves and any other person at all times

Activitys - 

Beach rentals are open daily 10am to 6pm 7 days aweek between 6th June to 13th September, including sun loungers, kayak rentals, paddle board rentals and mega paddle board rentals (mega board is sold per house hold only) Walk ons are allowed no booking is needed but to avoid disappointment you can book online.

Boat watersports delayed to 16th July to end Of August for inflatable rides only (ride will be per house hold private rides)

, waterskiing, wakeboarding and speed boat trips will be cancled all summer due to distansing, only staff will be permitted in our boats unless a rescue is required.

Buoyancy aids and wetsuits: must be rinsed in the bucket containing sanitising solution and then hung to dry on the rail provided, wetsuits will be charged a rental fee to encourage customers to bring there own.

Activity briefings: This will be delivered by a member of staff standing 1 meter in distance.

If you have any querys please give us a email or text.